Welcome to studfarm Zum Hahnhof

The foundation of the stud farm Zum Hahnhof (At the Cock’s Court) is the outcome of a build-up phase that stretched over many years and yielded a mass of experience. It all started with a quite successful sport mare and her first foals.

We, that is to say Natascha and Guido Jansen and our little daughter Mette, who is already enraptured with ponies, have been actively practising competition horse riding in the dressage and jumping branches since our childhood. This has of course left its mark on our breeding philosophy with regard to the crossbreeding of our mares with the most thriving sport stallions. Our objective is a performing and well-trained sport horse that bears a steady character and is above all healthy. To achieve this we also venture to broaden our outlook and we are many a time willing to abandon the quick, commercial crossbreeding path, by alternating new blood lines from a wide range of stallions, including foreign ones, to obtain that little bit of extra. This track may be more strenuous, more expensive and more time consuming, but the foals have proven us that this kind of offspring is well worth the gamble and the risk. Although the breeding ground is settled in the Rhineland the stud farm Zum Hahnhof has dedicated itself to raising Oldenburg and Hanoverian horses.

The stud farm is beautifully situated on the edge of a forest, enclosed by approximately 10 hectares of rounded off pastureland. On this spot, the mares, the foals and the youngsters, gathered in small herds, can enjoy their grazing walk the whole year through, even in winter, and are offered the opportunity to grow from birth under ideal breeding conditions into a healthy sport horse. In this respect, we attach the greatest importance to premium concentrate and roughage, frequent worming and farrier blacksmith visits.

The ultimate goal of our breeding is to ensure that our horses find a good and forward-looking home in the supporting hands of stud breeders, horsemen and women, professionals and amateurs alike. How very rewarding it is then to keep in touch with the new owners and to accompany and watch the foals and youngsters that have been sold on their journey for a little while.